Tech Tip: Comms in the Backcountry

I often emphasize routine in the backcountry.  That routine should include solid communication plans, both within the group, and if an emergency …


Early Season Tips: Part 3 - Gear

In Part One of this series I covered avalanche gear and early season checks including beacon firmware updates, beacon function checks, probe and …


Part 3: Snowboard Wax

In this three-part series I covered snowboard base dynamics to help prepare your equipment and get a better understanding of how conditions impact …

Cut other side

Tech Tip: Cutting Skins Splitboard

Cutting Skins Splitboard Cutting and fitting splitboard skins properly is easy and relatively painless if you follow a few easy steps. They …

Electric tape mod

Tech Tip: Ski Pole Baskets

Don’t lose a pole basket again This is a quick tech tip and modification that will keep you from losing a pole basket. …

4. Flip axe up on to pack

Gear Mod: Slinger Leash / Ice axe carry

It goes without saying precautions should be taken if you have an axe on a descent in avalanche terrain. The idea of being tumbled in a slide with three sharp points isn’t a recipe for an awesome day. Be sure to set up your ice axe carry in a way that conforms to your pack.


Tech Tip: Backcountry Repair / Tool Kit

A break down of the Repair / Tool Kit. After blowing up a binding, try post-holing chest deep several miles back to your car in the dark and you will know what I mean. The following is a is an overview of a backcountry repair kit that you can work off of to tailor to your specific needs.