Gear Manufacturers

Gear Manufacturers:  Do you have backcountry gear you would like to promote? Snowboard Mountaineer would like to help you, the manufacturer, develop and promote your gear if you think it has what it takes to be a good backcountry product.  I would like to offer my experience to you the best way I know how, through product reviews, and testing in Colorado’s backcountry.  If you have ideas how Snowboard Mountaineer may help to get better backcountry gear out there, let me know.  I’m passionate about quality backcountry products and would be excited to help!

What makes a good product for the backcountry?  Well, backcountry touring and riding conditions can be strenuous.  Riders may have to tour deep in alpine areas, climb exposed mountains, hike couloirs, traipse through streams, rocks, and high altitude exposure; tour on trails, frozen lakes, tightly treed areas, deep snow; ride in every condition imaginable; and endure all weather conditions.  You name it, the backcountry has it.  And our gear has to keep up with us the whole time, without equipment failures. Backcountry gear needs to be lightweight so we can move quickly and efficiently, but tough enough to endure the conditions. It must be functional, preferably with multiple functions in one.

I have consulted several companies in research and development to improve gear for the backcountry. I believe things can always be improved upon in an evolving process. I look for the positive aspects in gear and highlight those points, as well as offer suggestions on how the gear might be improved.


If you have a product you would like a review on, please use the Product Review for Gear Manufacturers contact form.1780112_10203532943950869_906006927_o