Trip Report: Lake Haiyaha - Dream Lake Chutes

A perfect day in Rocky Mountain National Park. We left Boulder in a snowstorm, but by the time we arrived to Bear Lake 40 minutes later; sunshine and fresh powder greeted us. We talked to a Park Ranger at Bear Lake on an AT setup and he suggested the Dream Lake Chutes, it sounded like a good route. We took the Lake Haiyaha trail to roughly 10,600′ and then broke trail right at the saddle – essentially going up Hallett Peak’s base (if any one needs way coordinates or a map let know).

This route is some pretty serious elevation gain until you get to the ridge. At the ridgeline you have to do some light rock scrambling. When you can look down on Lake Haiyaha on your left, and Dream / Emerald Lakes on your right; you are very close to the Chutes.

The first drop is a bit steep, but the powder is knee to waist deep. I made the mistake of going to far to the right and got caught in a downed timber trap with chest deep powder. I had to dismount and eventually was able to get on top of the downed trees and navigate out of it – remount, and finish off to the west side of Dream Lake.

I would compare this route to Windows on the North side of Peak 9 at Breckenridge.

There is a TON of snow in this area, with much more forecast in the next week. If you like it deep, the Dream Lake Chutes are for you.

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