Trip Report: Harry Gates Hut [10th Mountain Division]

Our trip to Harry Gates Hut – 10th Mountain Division Hut System was three nights / four days. We trailheaded at the Diamond J Ranch (winter only) for the Montgomery Flats approach – roughly 6.8 miles. The temps when we left were so warm we were in T-shirts. The second and third day at the hut was a completely awesome snowstorm that blanketed everything with an additional 14-18″. Bluebird skies and warm temps came about on our way back to the trailhead on day four.

We had plenty of food, plenty of wine – and amazing people. The Harry Gates Hut is situated just on the western boundary of Holy Cross Wilderness. While good backcounty skiing can be found nearby (Burnt Mountain 2 miles, Avalanche Ridge / Avalanche Peak – 8 miles), the traverse to the hut is not exactly snowboard friendly. There are a few area you will have to switch from ride to tour mode, which can be annoying.

If you can get around that though, the views are amazing! I will let the photos speak for themselves.


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