Trip Report: Andrews Glacier / The Gash, RMNP 4.5.14

Spring conditions are almost upon us. A quick look up to Andrews Glacier / The Gash via Loche Vale. Good snow is in from the trailhead, through the winter bypass route to the Mills Glacier junction. I would advise going straight up the Loche Vale creek rather than the summer trail.

The Gash has good snow. There is some evidence of a dust event about 6″ down, but it is minor. The last approach to the glacier tarn is still a bit questionable, I would skin it rather than bootpacking and caning as not to puncture through the top 50cm – for now anyway. It is receiving a lot of solar, but there is no crust — yet. There is some evidence of shedding up The Gash, but so far it looks to be surface runs.

The couloirs up in The Gash have quite a bit of hangfire in places. There is certainly evidence of heavy windloading in places, especially the North & East aspects leeward. I would stay out of The Gash until further consolidation takes place.

Pinswheel activity throughout the Tarn, indicating it is taking on some rapid water content, but the snowpack seems stable. Andrews Glacier itself looks amazing!

In all, pretty good conditions for the time of year.

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