Tech Tip: Skin Tail Mounts

Voile Tractor Skins
Voile Tractor Skins

Update: While this was a problem several years ago, the G3 Twin Tail Connector has now solved this problem.

The number one problem with skins and splitboards is a way to mount the rear of the skins to the splitboard. Voile Tractor Skins do not utilize a rear strap (rat tail), rather, they rely on the glue to hold them in place. I am definitely not a fan of this method. There is a high likelihood of getting a skin roll on steep terrain and losing purchase.




I milled a few pieces of spare Voile pucks to accommodate the regular Black Diamond rat tail connection. I have found it to be the most reliable solution. I attached the milled blocks to the tail by slightly heating the topsheet and using West Systems G-flex epoxy. I have done this on three custom splitboards, and one factory splitboard with zero problems. I have used this method for three full seasons now and have never had anything fail.

Below are photos of the custom milled piece on various boards I ride. If you are in my area, I can easily make you a set and mount them for you.

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