Movie Review: Pretty Faces ~ World Premiere

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 – Boulder, CO

Pretty FacesPretty Faces is definitely a snow sports premiere you should catch if you have the opportunity. It was awesome to see the entire cast at the world premiere, razzing the audience in to a full cheer. This inspiring documentary ski film by Linsdsey Dyer is a celebration of women’s achievements in the mountains from a female’s perspective.

A film celebrating womens’ achievement in the mountains while inspiring girls of all ages to believe in their dreams. 

There is a countless cast of amazing talent in this film doing some absolutely awesome skiing and other mixed athleticism. Pretty Faces illustrates the genuine camaraderie, and love for the mountains through the eyes of these amazing women. It is top notch in every aspect and reveals an artistic, funny, and inspiring look at snow sports. A portrait of the sacrifices made to pursue these dreams –  builds to a grand finale that will surely ah you. Pretty Faces showcases these women doing what they do best; send­ing it off cliffs, launch­ing off jumps, and shred­ding in the moun­tains. These women are the living proof that there are no restrictions, nor should there be, for aspiring women.

Pretty Faces will no doubt inspire a whole new generation by the showcase presented. The film includes big-name female skiers, like Wendy Fischer, Sally Fracnklyn, Angel Collinson, Michelle Parker, Ingrid Backstrom, Rachael Burks and Elyse Saugstad, to name a few, which will no doubt give female skiers reflections as well as role models. Pretty Faces is so much more than just a mash up of crazy clips or another ski movie. In fact, it is more like an entity in and of itself. Pretty Faces makes you feel pretty damn good after it’s over. It leaves an impression in your mind and soul — and honestly, there aren’t many ski films that can do that.

Congratulations Lynsey Dyer, the cast of Pretty Faces, and everyone else involved that made this happen. It was long overdue!

For more information and tour dates see their website:

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