Modified Bomber TD Bindings

Modified Bomber TD Bindings

This is going to be a quick note for now mainly with photographs of the finished bindings. I will have a write up on the specs later in December with a series (sorry folks it’s a surprise).

Basically here is a run down though; I switched out the Voile mountain plates with a modified Trench Digger [TD] made by Bomber Industries. Now, I did modify a base block on a CNC mill out of T6 aluminum (T6 alloy is aviation / aerospace grade). I also made a few light modifications to the Voile slider plate to accommodate a center mount.

My overall The force created by gravity acting on a mass." class="glossaryLink " target="_blank">weight comes out lighter than the Voile system by a few ounces. These were also modified with custom cants at roughly 2 degrees (I say roughly because the front is a half degree different from the rear).

The photographs below are a teaser to the upcoming segment. Enjoy!

Update #2: 4/21/13 – A further modification of this binding can be found here



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