Gear Review: Gheek Goggle Protectors

Photo credit: Gheeks
A little bit of Colorado! Photo credit: Gheek

Let’s talk about goggle covers. And while we’re at it, let’s not talk about how many lenses we have all scratched. I absolutely love my Smith Prodigy goggles – I have virtually every lens conceivable with those goggles. Like most people, I am also extremely paranoid of scratching the lenses in the backcountry. Often times if I know I will be riding through the trees I will pack an older pair of goggles because Murphy’s Law sort of dictates the ‘scratch factor’.

More often than not, I wear clear safety glasses. I know, believe it or not that is what I prefer, especially doggin’ through trees. However on days above tree line and during the snow fall I do break out the goggles. I had the opportunity to see Gheek goggle protectors during the SIA (Snowsports Industry America) show in Denver.  One of the gals I was with was futzing around with a pair and I was hooked like a monkey to a shiny object. They were the simplest, coolest product I had put my mitts on in a long time, and it was hard to put them down. Wouldn’t you know it, months later they found their way to my door.

I will let this quick 45 second video speak for itself, because honestly it illustrates just why these are so cool.

I have tried quite a few different goggle covers / protectors over the years. In fact, a friend of mine had modified a lycra sleeve on my goggle strap for me. It’s use was functional, but it was cumbersome in gloves. Resting goggles on the helmet presents it’s own set of cons – most notably condensation and damage to the lenses.

Gheeks goggle cover
Gheek goggle protector

The Gheek goggle protectors snap on to the goggle strap itself, or even just the goggle frame. Even better, there is a drop-down cover cloth (micro cleaning cloth) that covers the inside of the goggle lens too. It’s an innovative and awesome piece of gear – especially with the prospect of having to replace $50 goggle lenses.

My alternative up until now was keep the goggles inside the goggle bag either in the pack or shell pocket. But with the Gheeks, I just stow them as is. As any patroller, forecaster, or backcountry enthusiast knows – Kinco gloves sort of dictate how precise your gear can be. I had no issues whatsoever attaching and removing the Gheeks with gloves on – as small of an issue as that sounds, it’s a deciding factor in gear for me.

I tried these with a few various goggle sizes ranging from small to large and all fit like a glove. The helmet attachment was flawless and could be done upside down, in a blizzard, while drinking a beer they were so easy. I love smart gear, and Gheeks shines through as just that.

Gheek is based out of Driggs, ID.

You can find them at over 35 Colorado retailers (several hundred nation-wide) and just about any REI. You can also get them online from Gheek on their website



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