App Review: Ullr Labs

Ullr Labs Just received – review coming soon this  2014/15 season!

Mobile Avalanche Safety Guide™ (MAST™) is the world’s first digital snow and avalanche field notebook. We’ve combined established principles of snow science with the camera, GPS, inclinometer, compass and data communication features of an iPhone to create a simple and easy way to produce a detailed snow profile.

This is a complex app designed for avalanche forecasters, a break down of all it’s amazing features can be found here…

From the publisher:

The forecasters provide us a great service, in many cases as a labor of love. As one regional director told us “If you want a job with a lot of work for very little money, this is the place.” And the avalanche instructors provide us with the tools and knowledge to keep us safe. As we developed MAST, we were fortunate to receive advice, encouragement and help from Andy Anderson at SAC, Bruce Tremper at UAC, Ethan Greene at CAIC, Karl Birkeland at NAC, Mark Moore at NWAC, Mark Mueller at American Avalanche Association and Nate Greenburg at ESAC. Their input has been invaluable. So, we try to give back a little, in two ways. First we are donating 10% of your license fees to the regional forecast centers, or their ‘friend’ organizations, where you play the most. Second, we are making the app available free of charge to certified AAI and qualified AIARE-certified instructors. If you “didn’t get the memo” by email from AAI or AIARE, contact us with your name, instructor ID and email address and we will send you download instructions. Just our way of saying ‘Thank You’ to the people who make it safer to pursue our passion.

Available on:

Cost: $9.99

ullrMore information can be found on the publisher’s website:

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